Sabli Shiv mandir

Sabli Shiv Mandir

Sabli Shiv mandir is a medium-sized village located in Hapur with a population of around 12,000 and is noted for its ‘Lord Shiva’ temple. The city is heavily associated with ‘Hapur’ and is now at a developmental level by projects undertaken by HPDA (Hapur Pilukhuwa Development Authority).


According to Indian mythology, the praise/idol of Lord Shiva is called ‘Shivalinga’. In ‘Sabali’, there is a Lord Shiva temple which is praised by most of the people of Hapur and nearby as they believe that the area of ​​the temple used to be a farm (long years ago) where a ‘Shivling’ was established. During the harvesting of the crop by the farmer was underground. People believe that ‘Shivling’ was buried under the ground many years ago. Many people come here and pray for bright fortune there every Monday (the day of Lord Shiva according to Indian mythology). It was observed and believed that ‘Shivalinga’ moves slightly upwards every year. People here also believe that Lord Shiva fulfills the wishes sought in the temple with a sincere heart.

How To Reach:-

Sabli is 3 km from Hapur at Ghaziabad and Meerut district. Hapur rail route station and Kastala Kasambad rail route station are the closest railway stations to Sabli. However, the major railway station at Meerut City Rail Way near Sabli is 33 KM. The nearest bus stand to Hapur is at Modinagar which is 23 km away.

Places to Visit around Sabli Shiv Mandir:-

There are a number of places nearby Sabli Shiv Mandir where you can go and Enjoy thoroughly-

-Shiv Temple

-Opc Cinema

-Mansa devi Temple

-Chandi Temple