Industrial Areas Of Hapur

About Industrial Area

Hapur District was recently established as a district in NCR zone of Uttar Pradesh. It has a lot of potential because of its proximity to New Delhi and Ghaziabad. After gaining district status, it has its own district establishment. Hapur is known as a manufacturing center for stainless steel pipes, sewing machines, and wood and paper products. Hapur is a major industrial town of western Uttar Pradesh. There are about 25 factories of paper cone in Hapur. The town is famous for its paper and home furnishing materials. Hapur is also known as power loom city and famous for its handloom made bed sheets in Pilkhua. It’s a city with a population of 13, 38,310 and noted as manufacturing hub of making Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes. It is also famous for papads, paper cones and tubes. 

Industrial Areas

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