Hapur Amazing facts

Hapur Amazing Facts


Hapur Amazing Facts:- One of the oldest temples of Lord Shiva is Augharnath Mandir, situated at Hapur Cantonment In 1857 the revolutionaries used to conduct meetings on the premises of the aforesaid temple. Hapur is also called “Kranti Dhara”: The land of revolution which means the first fight for freedom of India started from Hapur.
-Hapur is around 70kms from New Delhi & the second largest city of NCR (National Capital region).
-Hapur is referred by economists to start small industry goods mainly scissors, handlooms & Sports Items.
-Hapur mainly producing cricket goods and a lot of international cricketers like Ricky printing, Dhoni, Kumar Sangakkara, Virendra Sehwag, Kieron Pollard, Praveen Kumar, and many others played from Hapur’s bats.
-Mawan Sugar and other sugar-based items of Hapur are in huge demand.
-Hapur is an educational and health hub along with Engineering college, Medical College, Commerce Delhi NCR.

-India’s first Sports University is ready to deliver service for youth.
-Hapur cantonment is one of the biggest cantonments in India in both area and population as well.
-Hapur is one of the highest revenue generators in India.
-Hapur begins the history of the Vedic era to Modern India following location for   tourism :
*Sardhana Church
*Dogra temple
*Kali Mata Temple
*Bhole Ki Jhaal
*Pura Mahadev Temple
*Vidura Ka Tila
*Draupadi Ki Rasoiu
*Shahpir Mausoleum
*Chandi Devi Temple

Hapur History

Hapur Amazing facts